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We are the Ipolle Community, a community of excellent ideas, interests, skills, innovations, knowledge, and capacities. We exist for only one purpose....To see your vison becoming a reality and your gifts becoming tangibles.

We are a proud community that emerges from innovations and contributions of  Yael Grushka-Cockayne, an Associate Professor of Business Administration at University of Virginia. It centers around the Innovation for Better Success philosophy. The world all around is full of people with great innovations and capacities. The only constraint is, means to actualize those given dreams each has.

With us here, you are in a real community of  the best. Join us and benefit from what you are. 

Our proud community has: 

  • Projects and Research Management Center, Where you find great project managers, training, skills and knowledge to simply make your diverse projects simple and a success.
  • iDesigning and Prints, Where you find best designing, art, art products and related services.
  • iProperties, you will also find real and valuable properties you should possibly buy and add to your pride and prestige.
  • We are also a market for your just everything called good for your clients to buy. Sell through us here and make great profit.










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