IPOL Group

“As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” 
― James Madison

IPOL Properties

''We manage, Create profits and help people get quality and valuable real properties, within legal specifications everywhere in Malawi''.


Let us Manage it for you




How do we help you?


We ensure that the properties under our care operate smoothly, maintain their appearance, and either preserve or increase in value. We inspect all facilities; hire, supervise and assign duties to maintenance staff; and contract for services such as trash removal or landscaping. IPOL Properties also show properties to prospective tenants or buyers, explain occupancy terms and collect monthly rents; and pay taxes and other maintenance fees. On the administrative side, we ensure that all procedures comply with relevant laws in Malawi.  We also keep property records and prepare budgets and financial reports for owners.


What do we have for non- Property owners?


We help you to find that quality and affordable business space, or housing everywhere in Malawi within legal requirements and specifications of our clients, whilst ensuring that your rights are as well protected and comfortability and peace are achieved.

We simply add value to what you have or intend to do or achieve. Just contact us and we are ready to help you anytime within our working days.  Terms and conditions apply


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Terms and Conditions Apply. All Services are Subject to Legal requirements and Customer Specifications