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An Experienced Expert group in Projects Management, Designing & Screen Printing, Interior Designing, Media  and Property Management ....




We are a trusted source of online news from Malawi and beyond. The main objective of the group is to supply online information services that are ancillary to the general public in Malawi and beyond its borders and to achieve the objectives.


The objectives of the platform are:

  • To promote a spirit of excellence in its services and across the public;
  • To provide, in its online publishing services, an expert platform that informs, educates and entertains the targeted audience;
  • To be responsive to audience needs, and account on how to meet those needs;  Discover More




Our platform gives life to your dream and ideas to become real. We are a group of only expert designers who should create just anything you have in mind. We do screen printing, Mass Printing; Logo Designing and many more. We create it, Design it and shape the world’s most iconic businesses — to share their stories and create an impactful, stylish, and easy-to-manage online presence.    Discover More

IPOL Designs



We exist out of a need to service the industry and   IPOL Properties existing clients. We offer a full turn key solution for existing clients, which include selling existing properties in their portfolios to rationalize incumbent profits. Managing the rentals of these portfolio properties, to ensure that cash flow implications of ownership are minimized.     Discover More




We are a recognized and trusted source of projects management in Malawi. We offer you consultation, Training and actual project management services for you. We have expert engineeners, Planners, Designers, Estimaters and implimentors just for any of your projects. Our areas are concentrated but not limited to:


Marketing Projects : We design and roll out every marketing project your company needs to realize profits and grow.     We manage your brands, create ideas and draw customers to your optimizable retention and corporate extensions.


General Consultancy: We offer an expert guidance and assistance on how your ideal project should go and become a success. We actually reduce your projects risks and help you roll out projects as desired.


Project Management Training: We are also a source of reliable project management skills. Training you on  Project planning and schedulling; Managing project stakeholders; Managing finances and donors; ICT and projects; Procurement and managing your supplies; Risk Management; Monitoring and Evaluation ; Research and Methodology, and many more.  Discover More


IPOL Project Management Cycle
IPOL Consulting Group


Our best ever team designs and creates your beyond dreams interiors. Good design is not the only key to capturing the right clientele, it also acts as a vital marketing tool for our clients. We understand how considered-creativity, creates a buzz about spaces, maximising social presence and allowing your business to thrive.


We create experiences, not just interiors.  Discover More

IPOL Designs